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Not Your Mother's Middle-Age

Redefining Aging for Women 40s, 50s, & Beyond.

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Who is GlamGirlBoss  and what is the UnLeashed Woman  Community all about?




Simons Segall   &  Melanie Edwards

Let us introduce ourselves!


We are Melanie Edwards and Stacie Simons Segall, the creators and founders of #GlamGirlBoss     and the UnLeashed Woman    movement!


Our story begins with a chance meeting at a live event, first becoming fast friends, then aligning together as success partners supporting each other in our separate businesses...until we realized we were working towards the same goals with the same passion. It made sense to join forces and #GlamGirlBoss was born.  Over the years, we have discovered an amazing synergy and brilliance working together; combining our strengths, expertise, passion, vision and drive, (and of course, our love for all things fabulous) but we also felt like there was so much more to life than business and that something was missing for us on a deeper level that could help us serve women in an even more heart-centered way…especially now that we were in the second half of our lives. We knew we weren’t alone and so many others were experiencing what we were experiencing. 



We wanted to serve women in a way that also helped them grow personally, emotionally, and confidently and helps them connect with their best self...we enthusiastically launched the Unleashed Woman to help women connect with themselves and others who are at the same stage of life as they are.   

Two Women - One Mission:

Our mission is to be a catalyst and we’ve created a safe place for women to ignite (or reignite) the fire and drive from where women presently are to where they desire most to be in the second half of their lives.


We believe it’s time for women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond to confidently step up -- to be the best (and kindest) they can be for themselves, those they love, as well as supporting others by nurturing new friendships, sharing experiences and lifting and inspiring one another.


We have a passion for helping women discover just how fabulous they are, no matter what stage in life you’re in right this second. 


We look forward to growing, nurturing, supporting, uplifting, making new friends, transforming and strengthening each other in the UnLeashed Woman Community. 

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